Telluride’s New Restaurant Tunnel!

Tunnel.  Telluride Colorado’s newest restaurant.  Opens in late January 2018.

The concept.  Its a speakeasy located above Clarks Market.  One intimate table in a small room that reflects the mining feel of Telluride’s history.  Five course dinners.  Paired with a variety of cocktails.



Tunnel is Telluride’s New Eatery!

The owner is Mark Krassic.  You know him from Zest Catering. An exceptional chef and restaurateur. Its only fitting for him to expand.

We were the test diners.  What a treat!  The dinner I had last night was outstanding.  First, it was different. There was a little highlight of Mexican flavor.  Short rib appetizer over a pancake.  Lamb chop, spicy shrimp and scallop, almost surf and turf esque. Dessert was a churro and chocolate pudding.

Prices will be $140 per person.  Alcohol and Tip are additional.

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