Telluride the Coolest Town for Skiing?

Telluride, the coolest town for skiing?  I certainly think so.  Ever since I moved here in 1996.  And never left.  Travel and Leisure also thinks so.  Check out this article and the though that they put into it.

Coolest Ski Town

Coolest townI am going to actually correct myself.   Telluride, Colorado is the coolest town.  Period.

Telluride is the Coolest Town

If you don’t believe me.  Come check it out for yourself.  Match it up against all the usual suspects.  Aspen.  Crested Butte.  Taos.  Stowe. Jackson.

Line up the on-mountain restaurants.  Who compares to Alpino Vino and Giuseppe’s?  What about music and film festivals? The view? Who has a better Main Street?

In honesty, those are all good ski towns.  I just like Telluride the best!

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