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The Importance of Partnering with a Professional Realtor

As a professional Realtor, Teddy Errico, will look at a broad array of factors in determining your Telluride home value. While many people can figure out a ballpark figure, a realtor is mining their experience and knowledge to create an accurate number that will price your house to sell.

How The Value of a Home Is Established

A home’s value is determined by factors both within the house itself and outside of it. For our Telluride homeowners, we look at comparable properties in the area, demographics, how healthy the current market is for sellers, the amenities and neighborhoods in the area, the curb appeal, the need for updating or repairs and the work you have done to upgrade your home. We pair all of that with our in-depth knowledge of what buyers are looking for and trends in the area to develop a number that is healthy for the property and garners the interest that we need to sell.

What The Realtor Sees in a Walk Through

As we walk through the home, a realtor is looking at the highlights of your space and the places where improvements can be made. We want to find the selling points that will create interest for buyers and market them. If you have a spectacular view, a newly upgraded kitchen, great home efficiency or something that sets your home apart, we will maximize this as selling points. On the flip side, we are also looking at anything that needs improvement or will drop your home value in any way. This might include dated decor, expensive maintenance needs or potential curb appeal problems. The increased costs of remodels and new construction in the Telluride market will be a big factor in your pricing. We will identify costs to replace the structure and estimate budgets for improvements to get your valuation as close as possible to the Buyer’s perceptions. Once we can identify these, we will work with you to find out how to address them and make your home as engaging to potential Buyers as possible.

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Adding to your Telluride Home Value

When it comes to adding value to your home, you want to look at creating a good impression as well as problem-solving. Look at a Telluride property from the lens of a stranger, any cosmetic updates such as pruning trees, updating landscape, fresh coats of paint or fixing any cosmetic cracks or issues can all be easy ways to add value. You can also increase the value by solving any problems your home may have; this might be a lack of space, updated appliances or a new roof. We are here to help you find your home’s potential, so contact us for an initial valuation using the form on this page.

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Today's home buyers are armed with more information than ever. They tell their agents which homes they want to see - and they've already rejected listings with too few, or poor quality photos. It is absolutely vital that your online listing has high-impact photos to make a lasting first impression and create a desire to see more.

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