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The office of Broker Associate Teddy Errico utilizes local Telluride data sources in addition to his experience as a Local Broker since 1999 to develop this dynamic and easy to read real estate re­port that sheds light on the current sales figures and trends that shape Telluride’s dynamic marketplace. If you need a custom report, please contact Teddy to discuss your exact parameters.



Still Extraordinary. Quarter 4 2017 was up 26% in dollar volume over 2016 and we finished the year to year up 36% over 2016. San Miguel County set a new high in both numbers and dollars over the past ten years!


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Each quarter, Teddy Errico creates a tailored Telluride real estate market report. We look at the trends for buying and selling, as well as what factors affect each quarter’s changes.

Key Points Of Our Telluride Market Report

The market report breaks down the rise and fall of home sales in clear and easy-to-see graphs and charts. We know our clients, so we break those trends down further into various home types because we want you to really see how the current market affects your interests and the Telluride property you are looking to call home. Our reports go a step beyond the charts and graphs with our clear and concise narrative update. Depending on the most important news of each quarter, an update might include highlights of specific areas that are a good value, explanations of influencing factors, an informed forecast of the upcoming quarter or what are the best values in the current market.

How Teddy Helps You Stay On Top of the Telluride Real Estate Market

By examining and keeping a close eye on the trends of each quarter, Teddy Errico is able to see where things are going in the coming months, providing you with accurate data that will influence the potential to sell or buy, affect housing prices, and examine supply and demand. You can use our expertise to forecast where this is going and how it will positively or negatively affect you in the future. Our market report makes you a more informed and savvy buyer or seller.

When Is the Best Time to List Your Home in Telluride?

As a Telluride homeowner, you want your home to sell and to have it timed right for the market. For most sellers, the off-season correlates to when the mountain is open or closed and when festival season is over. People looking to buy will begin their search in the months leading up to ski season or the summer festivals and it will peak during the winter when the mountain is open or in the heart of summer. A visit or a vacation to an authentic resort with a unique lifestyle will often translate to an immediate interest in buying.

Some Sellers will price a home to sell quickly and try to get maximum exposure. Others can be patient and prefer to wait to insure they are not “leaving any money on the table.” The patient Seller gets the added bonus of the continued use of their Telluride home, whether for personal enjoyment or rental revenue.

We work with all types of Sellers and will work with you to find the right time to list your home or property.

Contact Teddy to discuss your potential list price and timing.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Home in Telluride?

Buying a home is best when there is both inventory and well-priced properties.  Telluride has so many market segments and the inventory of each is very small and fluid. Typically more properties are listed during the height of the summer and winter, depending on its location.

Off-season can be the best time to buy because you compete with less Buyers and the Seller’s perception is that the action on their home will be reduced. Simply put, when the resort amenities shut down, there are less people in Telluride.

We advise you to consult with Broker Associate Teddy Errico to find the best time to buy a home in the Telluride area.