Telluride Real Estate- ENTRAN TUBING LAWSUIT

If you currently own property in the Telluride Region and that property was built between 1988 and 1996 and has a radiant in-floor heat tubing system, it may be a faulty system. There have been significant failures of this product and every owner of property containing heating Entran II hose is at risk of significant … Read More

Telluride Airport Update

The paving of the runway is complete! I also want to make sure that everyone knows the airport construction was delyaed only one day and will re-open on November 4th. This second phase completed the runway being flatter and repaved. (No more banana peel landings) We are hoping for larger commercial flights to come into … Read More

Some Increased August Activity in Telluride Real Estate

It is amazing that August has almost come and gone, but I have noticed that Real Estate Activity has picked up recently in Telluride, and that s good news. Not that we are not breaking any records, but it is just nice to see that August, which in my 10 year history of selling Telluride … Read More

Foreclosures in Telluride

All everyone sees in any paper or news channel in any town is an impending list of foreclosures and when they will go to the courthouse steps for a cheap and easy sale. Telluride is no different. I would like to shed some light on this topic. First and foremost, any foreclosure is an unfortunate … Read More