A Telluride Ram Spotted Down Valley

Telluride Ram?  Earlier in thTelluride Rame week rams were spotted down valley from Telluride, Colorado.  Local photographer Melissa Plantz got the best picture.  Spectacular.

What other wildlife is in the Telluride Region?  Moose.  Bear.  Lynx. Bobcat.  Fox.  Mountain Lion.  And the usual suspects, Elk, Porcupine and so much more.

Telluride Ram Near Placerville

Keep your eyes open when driving.  When skiing, too.  You will never know what you can see in Telluride.  Honestly?  I’ve never seen a Ram or Moose.  Although I did see a Moose in Silverthorne.  Right in the middle of the outlet stores.  I thought it was a statue at first.  But I’m on the lookout here for one in the wild!

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